Marketplace 2019 in a nutshell

Last year, we added 144 tailored solutions that allow you to focus on the one thing that really matters—your guests.

We also upgraded our API (the tech behind the Marketplace) so that our partners can give you everything they have to offer.

So now it’s time to give a shout-out to some of the coolest apps that we added in 2019, bringing us up to over 300 solutions.

Scroll on to see what we’ve been up to!


We started the year with the addition of Upgreats— an app that you can use to send fully customizable pre-arrival emails, and track data about how your guests interact with them (room upgrade, anyone?)

Qualitelis, a guest management tool, lets you communicate with guests from the moment they book until after their stay. You can also use it to manage your online reputation!

We’d also like to mention Keezapp, which gives you online check-in, live chats with front office staff, and surveys—giving your guests the freedom to take more control over their stay.

We also made a whopping 6 updates to our API in January, making it easier for our partners to manage companies, customers, and reservations. These improvements also made it possible for our partners to charge cards in Mews—a big step towards automation for all Mewsers!


Our first February shout-out goes to Hello George— an upselling integration that gives guests the chance to upgrade their stay, and gives you the chance to increase your revenue.

Next up is Myce Cloud, which you can use to manage all of your MICE operations. With an intuitive and flexible dashboard, you can reduce administrative work and optimize the efficiency of your event handling.

WIHP, a meta-search manager, can help you raise the bar for your digital marketing. It includes a simple (but powerful) dashboard that will help you to boost your revenue and profits.

Of the 7 API upgrades carried out in February, one of the most popular was related to restrictions. Partners can now use the API to add restrictions to Commander.


GuestDrive has proved its versatility by impressing the properties that work with them—CRM, sales tracking, messaging automation, loyalty programs, analytics— you name it! They’ll give you everything you need to show your guests the real meaning of “above and beyond”.

We also introduced LoungeUp—guest experience on steroids! All guest data is collated in one mega-profile, so you can tailor marketing and accommodation for each guest.

SpotPilot, a flexible and accessible revenue management system, automates your rate pricing. They’re adaptive automation gurus, and can set a price strategy that fits your property’s unique characteristics (the best part is, you don’t even need to lift a finger).

March was a big month for us, as we launched the Marketplace, so you can connect to your favorite integrations directly from Commander.


We mentioned cool new partners earlier, and we won’t disappoint—meet Cool Cousin, an integration that gives your guests an overview of local activities. You can embed it directly into your website or app, or it can communicate directly with your guests!

In April, we welcomed Throdi to the Marketplace. It’s a guest app, a maintenance app, and an online cloud reception all rolled into one—so you can serve your guests anywhere, anytime.

Wishbox enhances the guest experience, and also provides a platform to facilitate check-in. Guests can browse key documents in their own language, and can use the Throdi guest app to take control of elements of their stay.


PriceLabs—a revenue management system that’s tailored to suit vacation and short-term rentals— saves you time and work (so you can focus on your guests instead).

Hotelappz Pro, a CRM and email marketing system, is an open guest data hub. It gives you a central cockpit so you can manage GDPR and track your marketing campaigns. The Loyalty package (as the name suggests) lets you create and customize your own loyalty program so you can boost your revenue with loyalty incentives.

The first door lock integration we want to mention is Valnes WebLock— guests receive a PIN code to open their door. It really is as simple as that!

A big update that came to our API in May—partners can now confirm reservations, and even choose whether they want to send a confirmation email. That’s just one of seven API updates from May!


What has zero scheduled downtime, and is twice as fast as regular channel manager connections? You guessed it—our direct connection is a must-have if you want to receive channel reservations faster and more reliably.

Proof that we have an integrated partner for most hospitality services? LuggageHero provides on-demand luggage storage so your guests can drop off their suitcases hassle-free. You can even become a storage point yourself to bring in some extra cash!

Sezam24 proves that self-service is the best service with its kiosk solution that immediately reduces check-in time and queues in your reception.

In the API, we made 8 improvements, including added support that allows our partners to access tax info for your legal environment, so they can set up pricing on your behalf.


If you’re in a luxury hotel, Criton is the solution for your guest experience needs. Guests can download the Criton app, and have everything they need for their stay immediately at their fingertips.

Another channel connection that made a splash this year was SynXis. This direct, 2-way connection saves time and work—and we think it’s worthy of a mic-drop.

Roomie Hospitality gives your guests total control over their stay; they’ll be able to cast to the TV in their rooms, chat with your staff, or order room service straight from their phones—and you can upsell to guests and utilize their data.

We wanted to give you more power and freedom when you’re choosing which integrations you want to connect with, and in July we did: now you can connect and purchase integrations directly from the Marketplace.


Automation is the game, HiJiffy is the name. A communication platform that can add a chatbot to all of your channels that can answer 70+ questions from guests (so you don’t need to tell dozens of people the check-out time every day).

Clang puts email templates in your hands—you can drag and drop to create a template that fits your exact needs. You can also track your marketing campaigns and generate loyalty from guests—create your profile and get sending!

Pace and Mews go way back, but in August we added Pace | Autopilot Mode. As the name suggests, Autopilot lets you take a back seat in your revenue management operations.

Our favourite API improvement in August allows integration partners to change the state of your spaces in Commander. For example, housekeepers will be able to mark spaces as clean or inspected without using Commander or notifying the front desk.


In hospitality, communication is key. EasyWay is a guest communication tool that translates chats from your guest’s native language to yours (and back again), for more fluid conversations with your international guests.

Surprised that we haven’t mentioned any BI tools yet? We wanted to kick off our BI integration list with Enigma + Yield. This tool gives you the power of easy reporting, and even offers forecasts and draws rate recommendations.

TellCharlie is a guest communication and engagement app that lets you chat with guests from the moment they book until after their stay, and lets you automate emails asking for reviews.

3 updates hit our API in September, including a cleanup of the way that RMSs keep up-to-date, which removes any risk of overloading the system.


We had to give a shout-out to Betterspace, the all-in-one tool that has features ranging from smart guest communication to intelligent energy management.

If you connect with HKeeper, updating your rooms in Commander or with a handheld radio will be a thing of the past—you can control your availability from any mobile device in real-time. They also offer performance reporting and stock management!

Give your guests a tablet, and let them take control. DigiValet allows guests to control in-room entertainment, room ambience, and any of your services (like room service).

The API was improved to allow tokenized credit card data to be fed to Mews directly.


Customice is a MICE booking manager we connected with; incorporate it into your website to manage event requests, optimize your sales, gain access to reporting, and more!

Introducing a BI tool with a zero-touch approach. DataProfit pulls data from Mews and makes it actionable almost in real-time, so you can stay informed (and get ahead of the game)!

Continuing with the data theme, HappyHotel is a BI tool that plays to every property’s strengths. They give you comprehensive data reports so you can become the price leader of your region.


We wanted to close out 2019 on a high, so we welcomed Adria Scan ID Reader and Miss Tipsi to the Mews family.

Adria is an ID reader which supports multiple alphabets, and will automatically complete Mews customer profiles for you (with accessibility in over 90 countries).

Miss Tipsi is a Spanish POS which provides an intuitive dashboard with inventory control and mobile support, so you can use it however works best for you.

We also continued to work on our API, and closed out the year with more than 50 API updates so our partners can serve you to their full capacity.

Get ready for 2020!

If you told us a year ago where we’d be now, we wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are! Last year alone we added 19 BI tools, 14 guest experience apps, and 13 systems that allow you or your guests to manage your facilities. We closed the year with over 50 improvements to our API, and we won’t stop there.

2020 will see us continue to add experts in their fields, so we can be better equipped to enable great service. If you want a connection to a software of your choice, let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!

Now on to 2020. May it be full of even more connections and improvements!